About Your Trainer

I've been studying various martial arts for over 2 decades now, and comparatively speaking SYSTEMA is the best for modern times. SYSTEMA Russian Martial Art is the foundation HATCHERS is built on.  It is what other martial arts try to be, but can't due to their competitive nature and antiquated traditions. 


SYSTEMA holds no secrets from its students. There are no unnatural movements, rituals or belt ranks. SYSTEMA is a way of life, and is mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging on a much deeper level than any other training available.  SYSTEMA will make you physically stronger, mentally tougher, more confident, and more self aware than you have ever been!


I started my SYSTEMA journey over 15 years ago and quickly realized that you can't just train SYSTEMA, you have to live it!

Because SYSTEMA is learned through personal experience...I have dedicated myself to using SYSTEMA in every facet of my life.

                                                              ~Roy Lee