Learn Systema

  • What is Systema?

Systema was first developed by the Russians by them sending teams out into other countries to live and learn those cultures and their healing and fighting systems. Over time the Russians took everything that was useful and discarded what was useless to form Systema which means “The System”. Since then, through countless military operations The System has been refined to be even more effective and relevant in modern times. Now that it has been exposed to the West and the rest of the world, Systema has steadily evolved for modern needs. Systema is the "Mixed Martial Art"...deadly effective however due to its heavy emphasis on compassion for and healing living things Systema is truly a complete system.


  • How is Systema different than Brazilin Jiu Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do and other martial arts?

Systema differs from the traditional styles in its training methodology and focus and isn’t limited in its scope as it relates to combat or lifestyle. Systema does not have a belt ranking hierarchy, formalized tests, or competitions with awards or trophies because each of these things is toxic to the psychological health of an individual (especially a child) and instills and builds false sense of security, pride, and ego.


  • What are the benefits of Systema?

There is a broad range of benefits to adopting Systema as a lifestyle and the advantages are quite extensive, but to sum it up in a phrase or sentence; Systema makes you the best version of yourself giving you comprehensive knowledge, skills and abilities to live life well.    


  • What is the difference between knowledge, skill, and ability?

Knowledge is information gained. Skills are the techniques developed from knowledge gained. Abilities come when skills are developed from knowledge gained.


  • Will Systema help me defend myself?

Focusing on the 4 principles of Systema will give even the least capable person the ability to protect themselves. Systema is deadly effective if necessary!


  • Do you have special uniforms, belts and gradings?

No, because such things are actually divisive and ego building.


  • Do I need to be in shape before I can start training?

No, because Systema was designed to be used by anyone with the ability to breathe and move there are no special fitness requirements to begin your training. You will become more fit due to training in Systema however.


  • I have never done any martial arts before, can I come to a Systema class?

Absolutely! Because Systema is taught progressively with every training lesson being cumulative, by applying the knowledge gained to one’s daily routine a person can start at any point and become proficient in a shorter amount of time than going the traditional martial arts training route.


  • What can I expect in a typical training class?

Each training session is unique and very seldom the same, however every training session has some form of movement, breathing, postural awareness, and physical contact type of exercises.


  • What is the typical focus of Systema training?

Systema focuses on 4 major areas in every training session. Breathing with the purpose of staying calm and in control, moving the body efficiently no matter the obstacle or terrain, awareness of the self in space and time, and mitigating the effect stress has on the mind and body. 


  • Is Systema OK for women and children to partake in?

Absolutely! Now more than ever Systema is needed by women and children who want to live healthy secure lives.


  • Do you offer drop in class or trial classes?

Yes. We often offer a FREE trial class to first timers and our daily drop in rate is $20 for adults and $10 for children. Just contact us to setup a time if needed or stop by during regular business hours to try a class.


  • What do I wear to class?

Dress comfortably. No street shoes on the mat but any shoes not worn outdoors including wrestling shoes, socks, or bare feet are allowed.


  • How do I sign up?

You become a member by choosing one of our payment plans, signing the waiver, and coming to class regularly.

Answers to some of your frequently asked questions