Success Stories

"Wow what can I say? This is a fun and friendly environment for both adults and children. I love going to the classes here, along with my children. Roy is passionate about helping the youth and helping adults. One of the things I enjoy most is the fact that he doesn't make you feel bad when you can't always do something, but instead he will work with you patiently until you get it. There is no comparison here, so come and support his vision he won't let you down."
"Roy Hatcher is a skilled teacher and practitioner of the Martial Arts. I have had the privilege to train with him many times, and I find his insights and approach to be fantastic. If you are looking to learn martial arts in the area, and you want something without the needless pomp and tradition - no ranks, no dividing students by skill - then this is the school. Stop waiting. Change your life."
Mark Day
"While I started for other reasons, what I've found in Systema is an answer to the question that I've had for quite a while: how do I live into triple digits while staying healthy and mentally sharp? 100 in a nursing home sucks, 100 still upright and active sounds like some fun."


"I train with Roy Lee at Hatchers Just Breathe whenever I can and if you're smart, you will too. He's an amazing instructor--kind, direct, and very skilled. He makes Systema concepts easy to understand in your own body and movements-- the place where it matters. He teaches men, women and children. Take advantage of Roy and Systema if you live in the Charlotte area."


"I started to practice systema with Roy several months ago, and I liked it a lot! I like it so much that even my two kids are now practicing with Roy! They really enjoy it, and I see they are improving a lot. I've done several martial arts before and I think systema is giving me something new: breathing, a more natural and relaxed motion and awareness. The group is very welcoming. And I like the way Roy is teaching: each class is different and he teaches us skills step by step. We have time to practice to find what is efficient for us. I'm glad I found Roy's class and would really recommend it."


"Roy is a true professional and an expert in his craft. Everyone who attends will take away positive value. Benefits include relaxation, tension release, self confidence and self-defense/self-protective techniques. Roy's teaching style is intended to heal the body and "first do no harm" this aspect sets his classes above the rest! A must try for people of all fitness and ability levels."
"Roy is not only one of my BEST friends; he is a driven leader, true professional, and a fantastic martial art instructor! Regarding Hatcher Systema, Roy brings martial arts to life. What I enjoy most about Roy is that he gives his students exactly what they need…exactly when they need it. Additionally, I enjoy all the times we practice dynamic breathing, military drills, ground game, and sparring. Lastly, Roy intertwines Systema with key memorable phrases like "Remember to breathe" and "Closest weapon-closest target". I have found such memorable phrases to always serve me well throughout the day. I believe it will serve you well too, especially when you start training. I highly recommend Roy and definitely Hatcher Systema. If you are considering learning martial arts, I would learn Systema right away! Don't delay enroll today!!! Sincerely,"


Head Instructor Seiryu Fighting Arts Fitness. Fighting Arts. Firearms.

"I'm very grateful to have found Roy. His Systema teachings have changed my life. Through them I've learned a great deal about my body, mind, and spirit. As a bonus, I've learned how to kick, punch, throw knives, and break necks...if you care about all that."


"Charlotte friends! My kids and I went to Hatcher Systema while in town for the holidays. Let me tell you my kids had a blast, learned about body movements and got a good workout without even realizing it! (except Nora who had low blood sugar, but she was really engaged for a while.) I attended the kid friendly class with them and learned so much about the body and how it moves while I was there. Roy was an awesome instructor, positive and laid back with the kids (and adults.) Simon was begging me to go back the next day. Don't know what Systema is, Go find out and try it!"