Systema bodywork

All too often we are told to stretch and exercise to feel better right? Well, what happens if stretching and exercising is what hurts? What to do then? Enter the Systema Bodyworker. Systema Bodywork can be used to treat and relieve chronic pain, increase mobility, prevent injury and relieve stress. A trained Systema Bodyworker knows exactly how to find and remove painful stiffness and tension within the muscles, rotate and stretch the joints and calm a stressed mind and nervous system. All you have to do is lay there and breathe. It doesn't get any easier than that!

Systema Bodywork, referred to as SBW, is a complete system of massage and bodywork therapy's. Depending on what the client needs, SBW utilizes hand and foot pressure techniques, guided breathing, passive and active  range of motion stretches, and a special kind of Cossack whip, and acupressure tools to release unwanted muscle tension and pain from a clients body.  

Systema Bodywalking can be done bare foot or with shoes on a person, clothed or unclothed. The session begins with first warming up the muscles using the practitioner’s hands, legs and feet, while the recipient is laying face up or face down. The benefit to using this technique from a Massage Therapist’s standpoint, is the amount of workload reduced for the therapist.

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